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    This is a test.
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    Moved thread to Forum Games! 2
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    Bossman hates factorio

    It will be added lmfao
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    Community Rules

    Please make sure to take your time and read all the Server Rules posted here as well as any other rules that may apply. Common sense comes a long way. Failure to follow the rules posted may result in minor and/or severe punishment. 1) Be respectful towards guests, members and staff 2) Do NOT...
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    Community Servers

    Find all the community servers listed here. Minecraft {Pixelmon} Name: Pixelmon Universe IP: pixelmon.delosgaming.net MC Version: 1.12.2 Pixelmon Mod: 7.0.6 Mod Download: Reforged Website Technic Download: Technic Pack Website {Tekxit 3} Name: Tekxit 3 @ DelosGaming IP...
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    Welcome to Delos Gaming

    Welcome, Thank you for checking out the Delos Gaming Community forums, here you can find anything and everything supported around the community. Ranging from game guides to finding the newest servers being run by Delos Gaming. This is a new and growing community revolved around Minecraft...


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