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We're a developing community running multiple servers revolving around Minecraft and other games in the future!
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Community Rules

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Please make sure to take your time and read all the Server Rules posted here as well as any other rules that may apply. Common sense comes a long way.
Failure to follow the rules posted may result in minor and/or severe punishment.

1) Be respectful towards guests, members and staff

2) Do NOT advertise yours or other Discord servers without explicit permission from a Senior Admin or above. Use this invite code to invite your friends

3) Do not assign yourself roles that you are not affiliated with or have no reason of being in that role.

4) NSFW is not allowed in public and/or channels that are not 18+ protected

5) No excessive swearing

6) English only (If you want to communicate in another language go into a Voice Channel or DM that user)

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Welcome to Delos Gaming, the Community is still in its early stages and being developed!

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